Fredo's Theatre Group 
It's QUIZ time again! 
Fredo's Theatre Group Quiz 2017 
This year we have both a Quiz for you to answer and a QUIZ for you to attend. 
Your answers are for Fredo's Theatre Group Quiz 2017 - see below 
The other QUIZ is the play which was a popular and critical hit in Chichester and is now transferring to the West End. All details can be found on the Current Shows page of this website. 
We are linking the two together and offering you a special refund on the ticket price for the play QUIZ if you send us your entry for our own Quiz - give us three (Yes, just three) correct answers and you will receive a £3 refund. Book your tickets for the play NOW, enter our own Quiz later, and if you have at least 3 correct answers you can claim £3 per QUIZ ticket off the price of your next booking with us. Of course we hope you will have many correct answers and maybe win the £20 Theatre Token prize. 
'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' our Quiz is NOT, but every little counts, and we hope our little Quiz will put you in the mood for this highly amusing and fascinating play. Most of our Quiz questions are based on productions we have taken the Group to see in 2017 (see our Previous Shows page). Have a squint, have a Google, have a ponder, then send us your answers - 
The winner with the most correct answers will win a £20 theatre token. 
And the winner is.... 
We had a dozen or so entries for our Quiz 2017, and oddly about half came from non-Southenders, frequent theatre-goers but who don't travel on our coach. It is gratifying to know that interest in our annual Quiz spreads far and wide. The maximum number of points possible this year was 44 and our winner scored 43, just beating a score of 42 with other high scorers in the 30s. 
We congratulate Margaret F on achieving that highest score, and we understand a lot of time was spent on-line cross-checking the possible answers - perseverance won the day! Margaret gets a £20 theatre token or a discount on her next booking with us. 
Every entrant easily scored more than 3 points and of course that was the minimum number required to get a refund of £3 on your booking for James Graham's play Quiz. That refund will be deducted from a future booking. Sorry, it's too late to book for that play now as all our tickets have been sold, but well done for thinking ahead and answering some quiz questions yourself. 
All the Quiz answers are given below so you can check where you scored and where you didn't. 
Now pay attention and prepare yourselves for our Quiz 2018 next December. 
Fredo & Mike 
We saw two shows set in Broadway theatres this year. Name the two shows.
42nd Street and Follies  2 points
She started the year at a factory in Southwark and then moved to a more central address. But at the end of the year, she was resident elsewhere - and then wasn’t important at all! Who is she?
Eve Best (Love in Idleness at the Menier Chocolate Factory transferred to the West End / A Woman of No Importance at the Vaudeville Theatre)  1 point
In which theatre did a group of MPs break into song?  
Donmar Warehouse (in Committee)  1 point
Where did another group of MPs meet for lunch? Who provided the recipe?
Limehouse / Delia Smith for Macaroni Cheese   2 points
Who portrayed these politicians on stage this year? And in which play(s)?  
      Roy Jenkins
      Bernard Jenkin
      Shirley Williams
And which politician was portryed by this actor in which play? 
                                                             Malcolm  Sinclair
A Roger Allam in Limehouse / B Alexander Hanson in Committee / C Debra Gillet in Limehouse /  
D Humphrey Atkins in This House    8 points
Who was more than a year late for her West End debut?
Audra McDonald in Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill because she was pregnant   1 point
Occasionally the actors who are announced for a play can’t take part. Who replaced Sarah Lancashire and James Dreyfuss, and in which plays?
Tamsin Greig in Labour of Love / Alexander Hanson in The Lie    4 points
They fell out over perfume, but made it up with ice-cream - in which show?
She Love Me    1 point
Life was rough in Soho for this young man, but we met him at a smart new address south of the river. Name the character and the actor.
Young Marx played by Rory Kinnear at the Bridge Theatre     2 points
Life was tough for this young man, having such a famous ancestor, but pretty soon he was creating a new and separate life of fame of his own. Name the character and the actor.
Young Frankenstein played by Hadley Fraser   2 points
It was a busy year for animals on stage! Which shows featured... 
A.  A goose  
B.  A rat  
C.  A goat  
D.  A hare 
E.  A unicorn
A The Ferryman / B Wind in the Willows / C The Goat or Who is Sylvia and the ballet Sylvia /  
D Alice in Wonderland / E The Glass Menagerie   5 points
Which is the odd one out? 
A. Lullaby of Broadway 
B. Broadway Baby  
C. Shuffle Off to Buffalo 
D. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
B is the odd one out as it featured in Follies whereas ALL the others featured in 42nd Street (Yes, Boulevard of Broken Dreams is also a song written by Green Day but this is a Quiz about shows!)  
1 point    
She sang the blues, met a high financier, went to Reno and Beverley Hills, and is almost through her memoirs. Which song did she sing? And in which show?
I'm Still Here in Follies   2 points
Which Italian operas were based on 
A. A play by an American?  
B. A novel by a Scotsman?
A Madame Butterfly / B Lucia di Lammermoor  2 points
Alas poor...cauliflower! Some of our Group, like us, got very involved and one got carried away! Which play? 
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui at the Donmar (in which some audience members were encouraged on stage to take part; it featured cauliflowers and one of our Group played a corpse!)   
1 point
Framed; whiter than white; this caused consternation!  What did?  
The all white painting in ART   1 point
In 1968, John Osborne had two plays in St Martin's Lane at the same time. Which playwright pulled off the same trick this year - and what were the plays called?
James Graham who wrote Ink (Duke of York's Theatre) and Labour of Love (Noel Coward Theatre)     3 points
What is the connection between Matthew Bourne's The Red Shoes and Prism?
Terry Johnson's play Prism was about the cinematographer Jack Cardiff who filmed The Red Shoes on which Matthew Bourne's ballet was based.   1 point
On  which theatre's wall do these memorials appear and what is their connection? 
Lyceum Theatre - Bram Stoker was the business manager at the this theatre at the time Ellen Terry and Henry Irving were acting there.   2 points
We were guided around an historic stately home in which play and by which character?
Lettice and Lovage / Lettice Douffet  2 points
Possible Total 44 points
Tiebreaker if needed. Which show did we sell most tickets for? And how many tickets? Guess!
An American in Paris / 300 tickets sold!