It's a tradition that each year we have a Christmas & New Year Quiz and so here it is - 
In recent years there have been very few entrants following our efforts to amuse and bemuse you, so I guess most of you have better things to do at this time of year. However, you are experienced theatregoers and just a few of you like this encouragement to look back over the previous year and think about the pleasures that theatregoing has given you. This Quiz is for The Few! 
All the questions (16 for 2016) are based on shows we have taken the Group to see over the past twelve months. All the answers can be found with reference to the Previous Shows page of our website, plus of course a little research to help you. We don't expect you to find all the answers (we too would not be able to answer all the questions without some Googling to remind us of all the shows visited) but, with a little deduction and quite a few guesses, see how many points you can score. Do have a go. 
If there are sufficient entrants to make it worthwhilke, there will be a prize!  
You get a point for every correct answer and no deductions for wrong guesses. 
This year we have given you some clues as a seasonal gesture of goodwill. 
The closing date for your entries will be Monday 16 January.  
CONGRATULATIONS to our two winners  - 
Edwina (in Southend) and Angie (in London).  
Yes, we decided to give two prizes as both scored 40 points in the Quiz, just ahead of others who all scored between 35 and 39 points - all amazingly good efforts. The two winners will receive £20 OFF their next booking with us. We awarded one point for every correct answer and no deductions for incorrect guesses. Some will be kicking themselves for near misses or not reading the questions carefully, but we have never received such a high standard of entries before. 
'Well Done' to everyone who made the effort and entered.  
Mike sent an email to all entrants on 25 January 2016. 
Fredo and Mike 
These ten pictures are featured in the questions below
A  B  C  D  E
F  G   H
X   Y
1.  Name the shows which the official pictures A through to H above were used to advertise.
(Clue - 4 plays and 4 musicals, which all appeared on our website for several weeks) 
A: Wild, B: Hand To God, C: Mrs Henderson Presents, D: Allegro, E: Welcome Home, Captain Fox, F: Side Show, 
G: Amadeus, E: Grey Gardens (8 points)
2. Photos X and Y above are of two directors. Who are they and which of their shows did we see this year?
(Clue - Their shows were Off West End) 
X: Matthew Bourne - Sleeping Beauty (2 points) 
Y: Thom Southerland - Ragtime, Titanic, Allegro, and Grey Gardens (5 points)
3.   Who fell from a tower at the play's climax? Name the character and the actor.
(Clue - it's a classic) 
Halvard Solness played by Ralph Fiennes (in The Master Builder) (2 points)
4   Who took Michael Crawford's role in the original film on which this year's musical was based?
(Clue - It was not Alan Bates) 
Michael Redgrave (1 point)
5.   We saw two musicals at the Noel Coward Theatre this year. Two actors featured in both. Can you name them?
(Clue - 1 male and 1 female) 
Emma Williams and Ian Bartholomew (in Mrs Henderson presents and Half a Sixpence) (2 points) 
6.   Who lost his memory away at war but received an enthusiastic reception when he returned home? Name the character and the actor.
(Clue - Previously, he intended to go to Philadelphia) 
 Gene played by Rory Keenan (in Welcome Home, Captain Fox, previously in Philadephia, Here I Come!) (2 points)
7  Andrew was the central character's name in a Moscow set play we were wild about. Name the other two characters.
(Clue - One was a man and the other a woman but they introduced themselves as...?) 
 Both the man and the woman were called George (in the play Wild) (2 points)
8.  This year a few plays in English were based on French works. Can you name the London titles of  three of the plays?
(Clue - The originals were written in three different centuries) 
The possibles were Les Liaisons Dangereuses; The Truth; Welcome Home, Captain Fox; and The Red Barn 
- we only asked for three so 3 points)
9. Who stood in for Sheridan and is CURRENTLY appearing in which theatre?
Clue - the second show opened just before Christmas) 
Natasha J Barnes who took over the lead in Funny Girl and subsequently played Cinderella at the London Palladium (2 points)
10. How many different theatres have we taken the Group to this year?
(Clue - There's a list on the website so you only have to count them!) 
We made it 24 but with everyone interpreting auditoriums/theatres/opera houses/concert halls differently, we generously gave everyone 1 point!)
11. Who sang "...I Can Do the T'Other Thing"? Name the character and actor please.
(Clue - There were royal connections) 
 It was Nell Gwynn played by Gemma Arterton (in the play Nell Gwynn) (2 points)
12. What four items does the Witch in Sondheim's musical want the Baker and his Wife to collect?
(Clue - They are colourful) 
 A cow as white as milk; A cape as red as blood; hair as yellow as corn; a slipper as pure as gold. (4 points)
13. Two leading musical characters were related to Jackie Kennedy in real life. Who were they and how were they related to her.
(Clue - The show opened Off Broadway ten years before it premiered here.) 
Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and Edith Bouvier Beale, aunt and first cousin to Jackie Kennedy.  
(The show was Grey Gardens) (4 points)
14. Who played the title role in a Tom Stoppard play this year and who played it in the original production?
(Clue - One of them led a good life) 
Of two Tom Stoppard plays this year, only one had a title role - Hapgood played by Lisa Dillon, and originally by Felicity Kendall (2 points) Many of you focused on Travesties which had a leading role but not a title role!
15. Name the godless character given a helping hand by Harry Melling.
(Clue - He features in another of these questions) 
 Harry playing Jason in Hand To God lent his helping hand to the puppet called Tyrone (1 point)
16. Which plays did these characters appear in and who is the odd one out? 
(a.Emma Goldman;   (b.Tristan Zara; (c Coalhouse Walker; (d.J P Morgan;   (e.James Joyce; 
(f.Booker T. Washington;   (g.Vladimir Lenin;   (h.Harry Houdini;  (i.Evelyn Nesbit.
Clue - some were in the same play) 
Ragtime - a c d f h i 
Travesties - b e g 
Coalhouse Walker is the odd one out as he is the only fictional character. 
(We only asked for the (two) plays and the odd one out, so 3 points max no matter how many wrong guesses!)
And if we need a tiebreaker - 
For which show did we sell most tickets this year, and how many? The nearest guess wins.
Motown - 159 tickets (1 point for the show and we decided not to use the tie-break)
If in doubt GUESS! There is plenty of scope for some inventive answers.