It's Quiztime again, folks! 
All our questions are related in some way to the shows we have seen in 2018. Of course you won't have seen them all but they have all been advertised on our website and you can see a full list of all our 2018 shows if you click to the page HERE
Some answers will need a little investigation but you all have Google at your fingertips. Points will be awarded according to the amount of information you give us, and in case there is a tie, we have a final tie-breaker question to push someone to the winning post. 
There's an extra incentive - you could win a £20 theatre token 
to spend with us this year. 
Switch off the tv, put your feet up and your thinking-cap on, and begin remembering what was a rather special year in London's theatres.We don't expect you to know all the answers but have a go at as many questions as you can, then send us your entry. 
Answers must be forwarded to us by the end of this month and we shall announce a winner as soon as possible after that. 
Fredo and Mike
We are pleased to announce that the winners of the Quiz are Judith and John Carr 
who scored 45 out of a possible 46 points. The top three were very close but we did not need to use the tie-breaker. 
We received long lists of stage titles using place names, some stretching our rules with some highly and hilariously inventive suggestions. We wish we could list them here for people, like ouselves, who had difficulty thinking of even a few! There were just too many - more than one hundred! We hope those who submitted entries to the Quiz enjoyed thinking about it and searching for the answers. We much appreciate your efforts. For those of you who found no time for such frivolity, we hope you will give next year's Quiz a try. All you need is an enthusiasm for the theatre. 
Fredo & Mike
1. The best man always wins, they say. But who came unstuck in the primaries. Actor and play, please. (2 points)
Martin Shaw lost in the primaries, in The Best Man.
2. Even though they weren't in a hurry, the cast had to get their skates on! Name the show, and the theatre. (2 points)
The musical The Rink was set in a skaing rink at the Southwark Playhouse
3. What made a hard man humble, and in which show? (2 points)
"One Night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble" (song lyric) in the musical Chess.
4. It wasn't a standing ovation, but a lot of the audience were on their feet all the way through this play. What was it and at which theatre? (2 points)
It was the promenade performance of Julius Caesar at the Bridge Theatre.
5. It was rumoured Wee Thomas had come to a sticky end (and so did several others) - in which play? (1 point)
Wee Thomas was the cat in The Lieutenant of Inishmore
6. We took our group to court for an unusual occasion - what was it? (1 point)
Witness for the Prosecution at County Hall where the chamber was turned into a court.
7. She toured the world but finally, in the West End, she was, quite simply, the best? Name the show. (1 point)
Tina - The Tina Turner Musical with the song Simply The Best
8. Something wonderful happened just off Regent St! What was it, and where did it take place? (Maximum 2 points)
The song Something Wonderful was sung in the musical The King & I set in Siam at the London Palladium
9. Long Days Journey Into Night and Girl From The North Country played in nearby theatres at the same time this year. They have another (literary) connection. What is it?  
(3 points)
The shows' writers Eugene O'Neill and Bob Dylan both won the Nobel Prize For Literature.
10. Which actor/dramatist found himself under the weather during an important week in June? (1 point)
David Haig, actor and writer of Pressure (at the Ambassadors Theatre) told the story of weathercasters being under pressure on D-Day in June 1944.
11. Which Scottish queen and teacher lost her head (in both senses). Name the actor and who she played. (3 points)
Lia Williams played both Mary, Queen of Scots and Jean Brodie
12. The West End had an exchange with a northern city this year. Who was the promenading young man who came to London and who was the reticent farmer who headed north.? Roles, actors, plays, and the city, please (7 points)
The musical Everybody's Talking About Jamie came to the West End with John McCrea playing Jamie who wanted to go to the prom in a dress. The York Realist transferred to The Crucible in Sheffield, where the musical Jamie originated, with Ben Batt playing George the reticent farmer.
13. Which two plays this year were set in the same small Irish town more than 100 years apart? Name the plays, the town and the playwright. (4 points)
Translations and Aristocrats were both set in the fictional Irish town of  Ballybeg and were written by Brian Friel.
14. In these days of gender-swap, Bobby’s girlfriends became Bobbie’s boyfriends. Name the three earlier girlfriend roles and match them with the new boyfriend roles. And name the male actors who played each boyfriend. Yes, you may Google! (9 points)
April became Andy played by Richard Fleeshman
Kath became Theo played by Matthew Seaton-Young
Marta became PJ played by George Blagden.
15. Which ballet did we see this year based on a Chekhov play?  (1 point)
Winter Dreams was based on Chekhov's Three Sisters and was part of a Triple Bill at Covent Garden.
16. Which playwright had the most works performed in the West End this year? (1 point)
Harold Pinter. The season of his plays at the Harold Pinter Theatre has featured many of his works.
17. Which actor took part in a quiz and then enjoyed company?  (1 point)
Gavin Spokes played Charles Ingram, the contestant in Quiz, and then Harry, one of Bobbie's married friends, in Company.
18. It is based on a true story but it’s title may suggest otherwise. Name the play and the playwright, please. (2 points)
Pack of Lies written by Hugh Whitemore.
19. We saw a play OnOurOwn this year which had the title of a country. Please name it 
(1 point)
20. And as a tiebreaker only, list as many other stage titles as you can (not just from this year) with a place name in them (real or fictional)!
This tiebreaker gave you a lot of scope and thankfully we didn't need to use it as the winner won by two points. We had a huge number of accurate place names; one entrant gave us over one hundred! Some titles as place names were highly original and we had to disallow them (eg Entertaining Mr Sloane, The Cat and the Canary, The Corn is Green!) as we wanted the names to be a place in their context. But congratulations to everyone who searched their memories and the internet for geographical stage titles. We just did not know there were so many.