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Theatre Quiz 2012 - The Answers and The Winner 
What clever people you are! Everyone who entered the quiz did very well indeed, and scored at least 20 out of a possible 27 points. I always said it was too easy. Some of the answers were ingenious (if not quite accurate) and to my shame, I had to allow several answers to question 8! 
We didn't check the number of tickets sold for our most popular show until almost the Quiz's closing date, then the accuracy of the tie-break winner came as a surprise. The overall winner, thanks to being uncannily close in the tie-breaker, is Kathie Boughton from St. Alban's who guessed 247 tickets. Congratulations, Kathie! 
1.    Name the two sisters who played roles originally created in the movies by Rogers and Reynolds (and make sure you get them the right way round!)   
Summer Strallen played the Ginger Rogers role in Top Hat, and Scarlett Strallen recreated Debbie Reynolds’s role in Singin’ in the Rain. 
2.     Arrange these Kings in chronological order: 
Joss Ackland 
Daniel Betts 
Andrew Buchan 
Charles Edwards 
David Haig 
Eddie Redmayne  
Eddie Redmayne:  Richard ll (1377 – 1399) Richard II 
Andrew Buchan:  Henry lV  (1399 -1413)  Richard II 
David Haig:  George lll (1760 - 1820)  The Madness of George III 
Joss Ackland:  George V  (1910 – 1936)  The King's Speech 
Daniel Betts:  Edward Vlll (1936)  The King's Speech 
Charles Edwards:  George Vl (1936 – 1952)  The King's Speech 
3.     The original title of this play was Still Life. The author used this title for a later play, which was filmed under a completely different title. Can you name the first play, and the later film?  
Still Life was retitled Hay Fever, but it was too good a title to waste, so Noel Coward used it again for one of the short plays in Tonight at 8:30. However, it was filmed under the even more evocative title, Brief Encounter. 
4.      What’s the name of the play being rehearsed in Noises Off? 
Everyone knows it’s Nothing On
5.      This play won the Pulitzer Prize 3 years after its author’s death. What was it? 
A Long Day’s Journey Into Night 
6.      This farce was first produced after its author’s death. What was it? 
What the Butler Saw 
7.      Who was Benjamin Barker’s partner in crime? 
You had to know that Benjamin Barker had assumed the name Sweeney Todd, and then you’d know that his accomplice was Mrs Lovett.  Andrew, did you get an extra point for knowing that her first name was Nellie? Not while I’m around! (Just kidding – of course you did). 
8.      In John Wilson’s Celebration of Rodgers & Hammerstein (and some Hart) which is the odd song out? And why? 
a.      People Will Say We’re in Love 
b.      You’ll Never Walk Alone 
c.      I Have Confidence 
d.      To Keep My Love Alive 
e.      Younger Than Springtime 
f.      The Lady is a Tramp 
Oh dear, you’re all too clever for me! Several entries chose People Will Say We’re in Love, as it’s the only duet – and of course it is, so I had to allow it. And apparently I Have Confidence is the only one that Frank Sinatra didn’t record. So I had to allow that, too. Others claimed that The Lady is a Tramp was not sung in a movie – Pal Joey, anyone? – and that To Keep My Love Alive doesn’t have a reprise. However, the answer I was looking for was I Have Confidence, the only one with words and music by Richard Rodgers, and not written for a show, but for the movie of The Sound of Music. 
9.      We saw several plays by Irish writers, and one about an Irish writer. Can you name them? 
The Recruiting Officer by George Farquhar 
She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith 
Philadelphia, Here I Come! by Brian Friel 
The Judas Kiss by David Hare, is about Oscar Wilde 
At least two entries tried to convince me that Eugene O’Neill was Irish. Much as I’d like to claim him for Ireland, he wasn’t Irish, though his father and his mother’s parents were: he was American, and I’m not sure he ever visited Ireland. And someone else claimed that Terence Rattigan’s parents were Irish; they weren’t. The Irish ancestry is higher up his family tree. 
10.      We saw two plays each by several different writers, but only one writer had two plays at the same theatre. Who was that? 
Both Absent Friends and A Chorus of Dispproval  by Alan Ayckbourn were at the Harold Pinter Theatre. I gave Adam in Leicester a point for identifying that Noises Off and Democracy were at the Old Vic, even though we didn’t take our group to the latter play. 
11.      Filumena, Berenice, The Physicists,  Hedda Gabler  and Uncle Vanya were all translations — but from which languages? 
Filumena – Italian 
Berenice – French 
The Physicists – German 
Hedda Gabla – Norwegian 
Uncle Vanya - Russian 
12.      Finally, which show did we sell most tickets for? 
It was Top Hat
TIEBREAKER: How many tickets did we sell for that show? The nearest answer wins! 
We sold 246 tickets.  (Four and a half coach-loads plus some extra Londoners.) 
I wonder what we’ll sell most for this year? 
A big Thank You to everyone who took part! 
Fredo   15/01/13 
A report on our 2012 theatre-going can be found HERE, and a list of all the shows we saw in 2012 HERE